DOS Hardware Index

From here you can delve into the history and technical details of a number of the more common DOS-era PCs. There are also copies of original drivers, apps and utilities that are specific to the manufacturer which we've made available for download.

IBM Personal Computers

IBM PC (Model 5150)
IBM PC/XT (Model 5160)
IBM PC/AT (Model 5170)
IBM PS/2 Model 30
IBM PS/2 Model 25
IBM PS/2 Model 50


Amstrad PC1512 and PC1640
Compaq Portable and Portable Plus
Epson Equity
Olivetti M24
Sanyo MBC-55x series
Tandy 1000 series
Zenith eaZy PC

Individual Components


A-Trend, Abit, AOpen, ASUS, Biostar, Chaintech, Chicony, DataExpert, DTK, Elitegroup, Epox, FIC, Gigabyte, Iwill, MSI, Octek, PC Chips, Shuttle, Soyo, Supermicro, TMC, Tyan


ALi, Chips & Technologies, Faraday, Headland, Intel, MX, nVidia, OPTi, SARC, SiS, Suntac, Texas Instruments, UMC, ViA, VLSI



8088, 8086, V20/V30, 80286, 80386DX, AMD Am386, 386SX, 80486DX / 486SX / 486 Overdrive / 486DX2 / 486DX4, AMD Am486DX2/4, AMD 5x86, Cyrix 5x86, Pentium (classic), Cyrix 6x86, AMD K5, Pentium MMX, Cyrix 6x86MX/MII, Pentium Pro / Pentium II, AMD K6/K6-2

Math Co-processors
486-era Benchmarks
Socket 7 CPU Benchmarks
Socket 7 and Super Socket 7

Sound Cards

Ad Lib, ATI, Avance Logic, Aztech, Covox, Creative, Diamond, Disney, Ensoniq, ESS, ExpertColor, Genoa, [Advanced] Gravis, Guillemot, IBM, MediaTrix, MediaVision, Media Magic, Microsoft, Miro, Oak, OPTi, Orchid, Roland, Terratec, Turtle Beach, Yamaha

Wavetable Daughterboards

Graphics Cards and Monitors

3dfx, Ahead, ATi, Cirrus Logic, Diamond, ELSA, Everex, Genoa, Guillemot, Hercules, Matrox, Number Nine, nVidia, Oak, Orchid, Paradise, Prisma, S3, STB, Trident, Tseng Labs, Video 7, Western Digital

Other Expansion Cards