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DOS Days aims to be a comprehensive online resource for all things concerning the hey day of the Personal Computer (PC) and compatibles.

Perhaps you're building a vintage PC, or you simply want to know how to do something in FreeDOS or DOSBox, DOS Days is here to help!

I publish regular articles covering interesting topics, such as how to setup MIDI on an old PC or how to partition large modern hard disks for use with your vintage computer, as well as relevant downloads that run in DOS.

DOS Days also has an extensive set of hardware pages with useful knowledge and downloadable drivers for graphics cards, sound cards and motherboard chipsets, as well as a built-in search function - use it to help identify your old hardware! (Don't forget the datasheets archive too)

So why not put on your DOS goggles and stay a while!

Latest Updates (7th August 2022)

  • Orpheus 1 sound card review progress...
  • Added hardware page and datasheets for Philips Semiconductor
  • Numerous updates to the datasheets index, including additions for Roland, Faraday, SiS and Western Digital / Paradise
  • Wavetable audio page updates


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Upcoming Articles

  • Joystick jury (Flightstick, Thrustmaster, Sidewinder, yep - that stuff)
  • Getting a 56Kbps modem to connect to anything in 2022 ?!
  • Using old DOS applications today
  • Installation of OS/2 - better than Windows but poor marketing and IBM's license-based model would bring down this power house of an OS.
  • Flight Simulators - a historical look and comparison of DOS-based flight sims
  • Dot matrix printers