DOS Days

Morgan Computers

As I referenced in my XT Restoration article, Morgan Computers was a computer hardware and software retailer here in the UK in the 1980s and 1990s, with a focus on surplus and liquidated stock. This means a lot of what they sold tended to be older models or older versions of software, though unless advertised everything was brand new and in original packaging - a boon for those of us who were on a tight budget!

Morgan still exist as a retailer today, and the spirit of the original company still remains after their acquisition by Bentham Ltd (who were a well-established printer supplies retailer) in the early 2000s - you can visit their website here.

They ran regular single-page advertisements in all the major PC publications of the time (Micro Mart, Personal Computer World, PC Magazine and more) - you could sign up to get a free monthly flyer sent out every month and these gave you a broader taste of what surplus or liquidation stock they had on offer that month.

They flyer itself is an eight-page A4 article (including front and back covers) which can be opened up to A1 size. I have scanned some of these in, which you can view or download below. They are in compressed text-searchable PDF format, about 2.5 MB each:

These were just two loose ones I managed to find, but I have at least 10 more - these will be added as and when I locate them! Just like my Typical PCs Each Year pages, and offer a window into the past if you're interested in seeing what you could get for your money in the UK in the 90s.