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DOS Games - Driving

Listed here are all DOS driving games that have a dedicated help page here at DOS Days. This mostly includes behind-the-wheel driving sims, but also includes some of the more popular arcade-like titles, including some top-down ones.

In October 2023 I wrote a four-part article reviewing 36 of these driving games for DOS.

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4D Sports Driving / Stunts
(Mindscape, 1990)

Car and Driver
(Electronic Arts, 1992)

(Interplay, 1997)

Death Rally
(GT Interactive, 1996)

Destruction Derby
(Psygnosis, 1995)

Destruction Derby 2
(Psygnosis, 1996)

Ferrari Formula One
(Electronic Arts, 1989)

Formula One
(Domark, 1994)
Formula One Grand Prix
(MicroProse, 1992)

Grand Prix 2
(MicroProse, 1996)

Grand Prix Circuit
(Accolade, 1988)

Grand Prix Legends
(Papyrus Design, 1998)

Grand Prix Unlimited
(Accolade, 1992)

Hard Drivin'
(Domark, 1990)

Hard Drivin' II: Drive Harder
(Domark, 1990)

(Electronic Arts, 1995)

Indianapolis 500: The Simulation
(Papyrus Design, 1989)

IndyCar Racing
(Papyrus Design, 1993)

IndyCar Racing II
(Papyrus Design, 1995)

Lombard RAC Rally
(Mandarin Software, 1988)

Lotus: The Ultimate Challenge / Lotus III
(Gremlin Graphics, 1993)

Mario Andretti's Racing Challenge
(Electronic Arts, 1991)

(Papyrus Design, 1994)

(Papyrus Design, 1996)

Need For Speed, The
(Electronic Arts, 1995)

Need For Speed SE, The
(Electronic Arts, 1996)

Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit
(Electronic Arts, 1998)*

Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed
(Electronic Arts, 2000)*

Network Q RAC Rally
(Europress Software, 1993)
Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing
(Gremlin Interactive, 1993)

Race Drivin'
(Domark, 1992)

(Virgin Interactive Entertainment, 1995)

Screamer 2
(Virgin Interactive Entertainment, 1996)

Street Rod
(California Dreams, 1989)

Street Rod 2: The Next Generation
(California Dreams, 1991)

Stunt Driver
(Spectrum Holobyte, 1990)

(Brøderbund Software)

Test Drive
(Electronic Arts, 1987)

Test Drive II: The Duel
(Electronic Arts, 1989)

Test Drive 3: The Passion
(Electronic Arts, 1990)

Test Drive: Offroad
(Accolade, 1997)

Toyota Celica GT Rally
(Gremlin Graphics, 1992)

(Spectrum Holobyte, 1989)