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DOS Days aims to be a comprehensive online resource for all things concerning the hey day of the Personal Computer (PC) and compatibles.

Perhaps you're building a vintage PC, or you simply want to know how to do something in FreeDOS or DOSBox, DOS Days is here to help!

We have regular articles covering interesting topics, such as how to setup MIDI on an old PC or how to partition large modern hard disks for use with your vintage computer, as well as relevant downloads that run in DOS.

DOS Days also has an extensive collection of drivers for graphics cards, sound cards and motherboard chipsets.

So stay a while and explore!

Upcoming topics...

* Joystick jury (incl. Flightstick/Pro/Thrustmaster)
* Getting a 56Kbps modem to connect to something in 2021
* Using old DOS applications today
* OS/2 installation - yes it must be done because OS/2 was excellent
* SCSI - Was it worth it?
* SCO Xenix - I have a bit of history with this one, running on a PS/2 Model 30
* Software wavetables - how do they compare?