DOS Days

DOS Games Released in 1995

Any titles that have a link take you to a page dedicated to that particular game with manuals, copy protection details, advice on how to get the game running and more.

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Typical Gaming System

Get a 486DX2-66 as a minimum, though a clock-tripled 486DX (75 or 100) or Pentium 75 or 100 is top-end. Obviously SVGA graphics but if you want to play anything 3D you will need one of the brand new 3D accelerators on the market, and minimum 8 MB RAM. Sound-wise General MIDI is the way to go, along with a Sound Blaster 16 for digital effects if running in Windows - otherwise a SB Pro is fine.

The Games

Command & Conquer
(Electronic Arts)

Destruction Derby

Dig, The

(Ocean Software)

Flight of the Amazon Queen
(Warner Interactive)

Full Throttle
(Lucas Arts)

Gabriel Knight II: The Beast Within
(Sierra On-Line)

IndyCar Racing II
(Papyrus Design)

Space Quest VI: Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier
(Sierra On-Line)*

Star Wars: Dark Forces

(Ocean Software)