PC Booters

This page lists all the PC Booter titles I know of. For those wondering what a PC booter is/was, it's essentially a game that does not require an operating system to be loaded first. You just put the game disk in the flopp drive and start the computer.

PC Booter disks were usually not readable once in DOS due to their non-standard number of tracks or sectors. The purpose of making them in this way was to prevent them from being easily duplicated (pirated).

Here is a list of known PC Booter titles (109 currently):

Adventure in Serenia - Sierra Online (19xx)
Agent USA - Scholastic Wizware (1984)
Alley Cat - IBM (19xx)
Alpine Encounter, The - Random House (198x)
Apple Panic - Broderbund Software (19xx)
Archon - Electronic Arts (19xx)
Battlezone - Atari (1983)
BC's Quest for Tires - Sierra Online (19xx)
Below the Root - Windham Classics (1984)
Black Cauldron, The - Sierra Online (19xx)
Boulder Dash 1 & 2 (aka Super Boulder Dash) - Electronic Arts (19xx)
Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom - Sega (19xx)
Centipede - Atari (1983)
Championship Lode Runner - Broderbund Software (19xx)
Commando - Data East (19xx)
Congo Bongo - Sega (19xx)
Conflict in Vietnam - MicroProse (19xx)
Crossfire - Sierra Online (19xx)
Crusade in Europe - MicroProse (19xx)
Cutthroats - Infocom (19xx)
Deadline - Infocom (19xx)
Defender - Atari (1983)
Defender of the Crown - Cinemaware (198x)
Demon's Forge - Mastertronic (1987)
Dig Dug - Atari (1983)
Donald Duck's Playground
Donkey Kong - Atari (1983)
Enchanter - Infocom (19xx)
F-15 Strike Eagle - MicroProse (19xx)
Five-a-Side Indoor Soccer - Mastertronic (1986)
Flight Simulator 1.05 - Microsoft (19xx)
Flight Simulator 2.1 - Microsoft (19xx)
Flight Simulator 2.12 - Microsoft (19xx)
Flight Simulator 2.13 - Microsoft (19xx)
Frogger - Sierra Online (19xx)
Frogger 2: Three Deep - Sega (19xx)
Galaxian - Atari (1983)
Guerilla War - Data East (19xx)
Hacker 2 - Activision (19xx)
Hard Hat Mac - Electronic Arts (19xx)
Hellcat Ace - MicroProse (19xx)
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The - Infocom (19xx)
Ikari Warriors - Data East (19xx)
Ikari Warriors 2: Victory Road - Data East (19xx)
Joust - Atari (1983)
Julias Erwing and Larry Bird Go One on One - Electronic Arts (19xx)
Jumpman - Epyx (19xx)
Jungle Hunt - Atari (1983)
Karnov - Data East (19xx)
King's Quest - Sierra Online (19xx)
King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne - Sierra Online (19xx)
Kobayashi Naru - Mastertronic (1987)
Lock-On - Data East (19xx)
Lode Runner - Broderbund Software (19xx)
Marble Madness - Electronic Arts (19xx)
Metropolis - Mastertronic (198xx)
Microsoft Decathlon - Microsoft (19xx)
Mindshadow - Activision (19xx)
Mineshaft - Sierra Online (19xx)
Montezuma's Revenge - Parker Bros (1984)
Moon Patrol - Atari (1983)
Ms Pac-Man - Atari (1983)
Murder on the Zinderneuf - Electronic Arts (19xx)
Music Construction Set, Will Harvey's - Electronic Arts (19xx)
NATO Commander - MicroProse (198x)
Oil's Well - Sierra Online (19xx)
Pac-Man - Atari (1983)
Pinball Construction Set - Electronic Arts (19xx)
Pirates! - MicroProse (19xx)
Pitstop II - Epyx (19xx)
Planetfall - Infocom (19xx)
Portal - Activision (19xx)
Prowler - Mastertronic (1987)
Rasterscan - Mastertronic (1987)
Robotron 2084 - Atari (1983)
Seastalker - Infocom (19xx)
Serpentine - Broderbund Software (19xx)
Seven Cities of Gold - Electronic Arts (19xx)
Sierra Championship Boxing - Sierra Online (19xx)
Silent Service - MicroProse (19xx)
Slugger, The - Mastertronic (198x)
Solo Flight - MicroProse (19xx)
Spiderbot - Epyx (19xx)
Spitfire Ace - MicroProse (19xx)
Spy Hunter - Bally Midway (19xx)
Storm - Mastertronic (1986)
Summer Games II - Epyx (19xx)
Suspended - Infocom (19xx)
Tag Team Wrestling - Data East (19xx)
Tapper - Bally Midway (19xx)
Tass Times in Tonetown - Activision (19xx)
Tracer Sanction, The - Activision (1984)
Trilogy - Mastertronic (198x)
Troll's Tale - Sierra Online (19xx)
Ulysses and the Golden Fleece - Sierra Online (19xx)
Winter Games - Epyx (19xx)
Witness, The - Infocom (19xx)
Wizardry: Proving Grounds for a Mad Overlord - Sir-tech (19xx)
Wizardry 2: The Knight of Diamonds - Sir-tech (19xx)
Wizardry 3: The Legacy of Llylgamyn - Sir-tech (19xx)
Wizardry 4: The Return of Werdna - Sir-tech (19xx)
Wizardry 5: Heart of the Maelstrom - Sir-tech (19xx)
World Games - Epyx (19xx)
World Karate Championship - Epyx (19xx)
World's Greatest Baseball Game, The - Epyx (19xx)
Zaxxon - Sega (19xx)
Zork I: The Great Underground Empire - Infocom (19xx)
Zork II: The Wizard of Frobozz - Infocom (19xx)
Zork III: The Dungeon Master - Infocom (19xx)