Disk Utilities

This page acts as a repository for numerous floppy disk and hard disk utilities. These were incredibly valuable during the DOS era, as the standard commands made available in DOS were only good for basic use.



Diskette Copying & Imaging Tools

Version 2.15


Copy II PC
Version 5.01

Also includes SnatchIt v1.11. Be very careful to write-protect your source disks when using SnatchIt !!!

Version 1.007

Used to copy image files back to disks. Handles "all" disk formats (except 2,88MB), including the 200K and 400K disk formats used for the Electronic Arts games (10 sectors/track).

Company- or Product-Specific Tools

Zork Tools

Written by Software Pirates back in 1985, it contains your every need for an Infocom game. Copy or unprotect the booting disks, rip the game data from a disk, play the ripped game data (or directly from the booting disk) without booting, decode the games' vocabulary and so on.