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This card, also known as the Acumos AVGA2, supports 1024x768 TrueColor or 1280x1024 at 64K 60 Hz in Windows 3.11.

Released 1992
Bus ISA 16-bit
Chipset Acumos AVGA2
Standards MDA, Hercules, CGA, EGA, VGA
Memory 512 KB DRAM (70ns) or 4 MB VRAM
Ports 9-pin DSUB (RGB analogue video out)
Price At launch: $2,295
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The GXiTC supported VESA v1.1 in the BIOS.


Board Revisions

The only known BIOS version is 340-007-11-Rev1.00 with a BIOS date of 04/07/92.




In the Media

"In the WinTach tests, the #9GXiTC posted median-to-swift speeds. Although it's just slightly slower than the Volante, this card moves right along. In the CAD results, it even outpaced the Volante. Everything about this board is thoroughly impressive. Its easy installation and excellent documentation are great. Its screen clarity, sharpness, vivid colors, and Virtual Screen utilities are superb. Because of these utilities, crystal-clear display, and extensive DOS application drivers, I rate the #9GXiTC adapter highly."     Byte's Essential Guide to Windows, 1992


Setting it Up


Operation Manual

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Original Utility Disk

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