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GXe64 / #9GXe64

The #9GXE64 arrived a year after the first #9GXe cards, this time with Number Nine dropping the ISA bus and adopting PCI as the new bus option.

Released 1994
Bus VESA Local Bus or PCI
Chipset S3 Vision864 (86C864)
Standards MDA, Hercules, CGA, EGA, VGA
Memory 1 MB or 2 MB DRAM
Ports 9-pin DSUB (RGB analogue video out)
Part # PC00APSO-2
Price At launch: $175 (1 MB VLB or PCI), $249 (2 MB VLB or PCI)
See Also Number Nine GXe, Number Nine GXe64 Pro

It used the new graphics accelerator chip from S3, Vision864, which compared to the GXe's Vision928 had a wider 64-bit memory data path and came with motion video acceleration features including color space conversion and video scaling, though it used the slower Fast Page Mode DRAM memory (the 86C9xx series support VRAM while the 86C8xx series only support DRAM.

The card was also Number Nine's first to sport the Advanced Video Connector (AVC) socket, though this was rarely used.

Other cards that used the Vision864 include the SPEA V7-Mirage P-64, Diamond Stealth 64, Orchid Fahrenheit 64, and Genoa Phantom 64.


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