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Cirrus Logic CL-GD5320

The CL-GD5320 chipset was released in 1990 as their fourth SVGA chipset and was their first to be designed for 16-bit ISA graphics cards.

Released July 1990
Bus ISA 16-bit
Chipset Cirrus Logic CL-GD5320
Standards MDA, Hercules, CGA, EGA, VGA
Memory 256 KB DRAM (80, 100 or 120ns)
RAMDAC (External)
Part # -
See Also CL-GD610/620, CL-GD5401

Unlike their earlier SVGA chipsets, the 5320 was a fully-integrated single-chip solution, with graphics controller, attribute controller, sequencer and CRT controller all on a single die. In many ways, however, it was a backwards step in that it only supported a maximum video memory size of 256 KB which limited screen resolutions in Windows 3 to 800 x 600 in 16 colours. This was purposeful though, as it was designed to be a low-budget SVGA offering in 1990. As such, on the majority of cards they opted to only provide the 15-pin analogue output port, so you needed an analogue monitor to use most cards with this chipset.

The core clock ran at 36 or 40 MHz. Most cards that used this chipset could work in an 8- or 16-bit slot, with the chipset's ability to auto-sense what bus width it was connected to.

Cards that used this chipset include:

  • CVGA-V3-256
  • VP442 / GSV8-6220-A
  • VP44 / VP44B (FCC ID: IATVP44)
  • Cardinal Technologies VGA
  • Compudyne 640
  • Card in Philips Magnavox Headstart 286 and 386SX systems



The chipset itself came in these revisions: B.



In 1990, cards using this budget chipset would have competed with the ATI VGA Basic 16 or other cheap cards from Trident or Paradise.


In the Media

"Cirrus Logic Has full Video Graphics Array Chip for $22

Cirrus Logic Inc, Milpitas reckons IBM's Video Graphics Array will be the standard for all MS-DOS micros within a year or two, and has come out with the CL-GD5320 Enhanced VGA-Compatible Graphics Chip that requires only two 120nS 256K by 4 dynamic RAMs for low-cost micros, and only six other parts for a full high-performance VGA display system. Compatible with EGA, CGA, MDA and Hercules HGC as well, it is $30 for samples now, and volume pricing, will be under $22, from July."

Computer Business Review, 15 May 1990

An advert for the 5320, Nov 1990 (click to enlarge)

Setting it Up

There is no known setup configuration for cards or motherboards that have a CL-GD5320 chipset.


Operation Manual

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