This, I believe, was the first card to be released after Philips acquired Western Digital Imaging (formerly Paradise Systems).

Probably the most prominent card to use the WD90C31 was the Diamond SpeedSTAR 24X. It uses a TrueColor DAC which provides 16.7 million colours.

Released 1992
Bus ISA 16-bit
Chipset Western Digital WD90C31
Standards MDA, Hercules, CGA, EGA, VGA
Memory 1 MB
Ports 15-pin DSUB (RGB analogue out)
RAMDAC Sierra Semiconductor SC15025CV (80 MHz)
FCC ID DBM603592 (Paradise Accelerator 24), ILLVGPDW (Britek 1 MB)
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I have no information on this chipset or the card shown above (and first two below), aside from the fact it is reportedly made by Philips. Pics 3 through 5 below are a Britek Electronics 1 MB card with FCC ID: ILL VGPDW.

PCs that came bundled with the WD90C31 graphics card include:

  • AST Power Premium 4/50d (486DX2-50 machine)
  • Austin 486 WinStation DX2-50 (Paraise M6V card with 1 MB video memory)

Click here for the WD90C31 datasheet.


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In the Media

"Two systems used the Western Digital WC90C31, which allowed each to turn in a top-ten [out of 63 PCs in the test] score on our video test and very respectable Winmark scores of 6.66 and 7.23 million.

This chip set has consistently generated balanced DOS-based and Windows graphics results during previous tests, and is a good general-purpose video chip set."

PC Magazine, September 1992


Setting it Up


Operation Manual

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