VGA 1024

The Paradise VGA 1024 was a full VGA-compatible graphics card, launched in 1991.

Released 1991
Bus ISA 16-bit
Chipset -
Standards MDA, Hercules, CGA, EGA, VGA
Memory 512 KB
Ports 15-pin DSUB (RGB analogue out)
Part #  
Price At launch: $254, Jun 1992: $139
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In the Media

"PROS: Easy hardware setup
CONS: No 1MB version, no flicker-free modes, slow AutoCAD performance

Like the Genoa SuperVGA 6400A, the Paradise VGA 1024 tops out at 512K— and at $254 on the street, it sells for about the same price. It's the only board in the roundup that won't refresh the screen at 70 or 72 Hz in any mode.

The board is easy enough to install; there are no jumpers to set, just two DIP switches. However, switching drivers could be simpler—you have to do it from the DOS prompt instead of from a menu.

The board includes drivers for all the usual applications, but the memory cap means you won't find any 256-color drivers for 1024 by 768 operation—a disappointment if you're a business graphics user interested in previewing slides. Furthermore, compared with the other entries, this board performs slowly with AutoCAD.

For beyond-VGA graphics, the Paradise VGA 1024 falls short. You can do better for less."
     PC World, August 1991


Setting it Up


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