Bali 32

The Bali 32 was Western Digital's budget offering of their new 1994 "island" line of Paradise graphics accelerator cards, sold alongside the mid-range Bahamas 64 and premium Barbados 64.


Released August 1994
Bus VESA Local Bus or PCI
Chipset ARK Logic 1000PV
Standards MDA, Hercules, CGA, EGA, VGA
Memory 1 MB DRAM (32-bit)
Ports 15-pin DSUB (RGB analogue out)
Price At launch: $99 (1 MB)
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It was a 32-bit DRAM-based accelerator card for Windows. Based around the ARK Logic 1000PV graphics chipset, it was released in both VESA Local Bus and PCI variants.

It was sold alongside the mid-range Bahamas 32 graphics card (also available in VLB and PCI) which came in 1 MB or 2MB variants of DRAM video memory and retailed for $199. At the top end was the Barbados 64, which was only available in PCI form, but came with 2 MB of VRAM and retailed for $299. All these cards came with Oasis software utilities that enabled picture-in-picture capabilities as well as switching resolutions and refresh rates on the fly.

Western Digital did release a Bali 64 later on (around 1996) which ran on the PCI bus and still came with 1 MB of video memory. it retailed for $79.


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