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Artline, from Digital Research, is a vector based illustration program for use in desktop publishing. It is exclusively for the GEM desktop environment. Artline is intended for use alongside the GEM Desktop Publisher.

v1.01 - This package consists of 3 x 1.2 Mb Floppy images, some graphics, misc. info. This version is for GEM/3. Requires PC XT, AT, or PS/2 with MS-DOS 3.0 with GEM/3, 640K RAM, and 900k free disk space. To install: From inside GEM/3 run INSTALL.APP.

v2.00 - Artline 2.00 includes a GEM/4 runtime. To install, in DOS run SETUP from disk 1, this will install both the application and the required GEM/4 runtime files.







Autodesk Animator Pro 1.3a 1993

First released in 1989, AutoDesk Animator was a DOS-based professional animation tool. It could create full motion animations using VGA 320*200 256 color resolutions. It supports a number of animation techniques, and includes a freely redistributable animation player. It saves animations to the .FLI or "QuickFlick" format. This format was extremely popular during the very early 90s, and was one of the few that could do 256 colors, including pallet manipulation.

AutoDesk animator is geared towards generalized animations, such as hand-drawn cartoons, and was often used in conjunction with 3D Studio to produce animated 3D renderings. In contrast, most other animation tools were specifically geared towards animating graphs and diagrams, usually in 640*480 at 16 colors, for business presentations.

A lesser version was sold as Autodesk Multimedia Explorer

BannerMania 1.0 1989

Banner Mania is a banner making program for IBM PC compatible computers, enabling the user to create banners, posters, signs and logos. It can create and print multi-page banners, with 19 different fonts and effects in 16 colors.

Supports MDA, CGA, Hercules, TGA, EGA and VGA graphic modes. There were also versions for the Mac and Apple II.

DrawPerfect 1.1 1990

DrawPerfect, from WordPerfect Corp., is a vector based drawing program with graphing functionality used for making slides and presentations. It was later replaced with WordPerfect Presentations

DrawPerfect 1.1 can hot-link to PlanPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, or Excel, and create up-to-date graphics and charts for slides, transparencies, and-on-screen slide shows. It includes 20 fonts, 15 slide transitions, and over 500 clip art images to spice up your presentation. 1.1 includes other new features like Trend Analysis, and supports over 500 output devices.

DrawPerfect integrates with WordPerfect, includes the WordPerfect Office shell, a screen capture utility, and includes a run-time you can take your show on the road.

Minimum Requirements: DOS 2.0 or higher, 384 KB RAM and 3 MB hard disk space.

Harvard Graphics






Harvard Graphics, from Software Publishing Corporation and initially called Harvard Presentation Graphics, is a graphing/plotting/presentation creation application for DOS. It was extremely popular in the late 1980s. At release, it competed against many graphing products such as PFS:Graph (AKA IBM Graphing Assistant ), Microsoft Chart, ChartMaster, and Cricket Graph, just to name a small few. A Windows port was released in 1991, but it lost out to Microsoft Powerpoint.

Install must be run from the floppy disk.