DOS Days

Duke Nukem 3D

Released: 1996
Published by: 3d Realms
Developed by: 3d Realms
Author(s): Todd Replogle, Stephen Hornback, Dirk Jones, James Storey, Greg Malone, George Broussard, Allen H. Blum III, Richard Gray, Lee Jackson, Robert Prince.


System Requirements

System Requirements 80486DX2-66 CPU, 8 MB RAM, VGA or SVGA card (320x200 minimum, 800x600 maximum).
Sound support for Tandy/PCJr, Disney Sound Source, Ad Lib, Sound Blaster/Pro/16/AWE32, Ensoniq SoundScape, Pro Audio Spectrum, Gravis UltraSound, Roland SC-55/88/88 Pro, and General MIDI.
Original Media CD-ROM
Installed Size 25 MB


Duke Nukem 3D is a well-known first-person shooter that arrived very late in the DOS era of gaming, 1996. It started life as a shareware game, with just the first episode released, but 5 months later the remaining two episodes had been completed, so anyone who registered their game got the full release which included copies of Duke Nukem 1 and 2 as well. The Atomic Edition arrived at the end of 1996 which featured a new fourth episode. In the subsequent years, several official or approved add-on expansion packs were released, including Duke it Out in D.C. (1997), Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach (1998), and Nuclear Winter (1998).

From where can it be run?

The game must be installed to your hard disk.

Game Audio/Video

Sync Play    Audio loading, please wait...

Sound Blaster 16 (CT2770)
Sound Blaster 16 (CT2940)
ESS1868 AudioDrive
Ad Lib MSC16 PnP
Aztech SG Pro 16-II 3D
Aztech SG Nova 16 Extra
Yamaha MU80
Roland SC-55
Roland MT-32
For a complete review and comparison of some of these cards, visit my Sound Blaster 16 (CT2770) review page.
ESS1868 recordings are from a Compaq ES1868 Audio Feature Board. Game set to 4-OP FM for music, and Sound Blaster Pro for digital audio. The Ad Lib MSC16 PnP card also used the same settings.
The Ensoniq AudioPCI recordings are from an original Ensoniq ES1370 card. Separate recordings for the default 2 MB software waveset, and then the 4 MB and 8 MB wavesets.

Game Introduction (video)


Copy Protection

Duke Nukem 3D has no copy protection.

How to Setup

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To Quit the Game


Supporting Documents

Here are the original documents that came with the game:

Additional Files, Drivers and Utilities

This section includes any additional files, updated drivers (original and third-party) or utilities that help make the game a better experience.

Save Games


Versions of the game known to exist

Version Date Comments
Shareware Release 1.0 Jan 1996 First release with just Episode 1.
Patch v1.1 Feb 1996  
Patch v1.3d Apr 1996  
Registered Release Apr 1996 Based on v1.3d patch, contained all 3 episodes, plus copies of DN1 and DN2.
  Nov 1996 Atomic Edition launched, as game version 1.5
  Mar 2013 Megaton Edition launched on Steam.

Installed Directory Contents

Once installed, the following directory structure exists in the game directory:

Original full game only (no expansion packs or added levels).

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